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Electric Pizza Ovens

Electric Pizza Ovens

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If you are looking for electric rotating pizza ovens for your pizzeria, bar, restaurant, you are on the right page!

Kuma Forni is glad to present you 112cm rotary oven, manufactured with first-rate materials, that will help you to make your pizza really delicious.

The Facilities of the electric 112 rotary oven:

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Electric Oven Features

The Rotating Floor is not only heated from above but also from below the floor / Rotating floor is made from a rich alumina material which absorbs and retains heat

Technological control panel

Temperature control

Cooking floor rotation in both directions

Electric Pizza Oven 112

The Facilities of the electric 112 rotary oven. In order to reach the temperature, the power consumption of the oven is 15 KW,The oven has 4 series of 3 resistors each (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom),The flue has a diameter of 100 mm,The computer allows you to manage the 12 resistors,Technological and computerized system that manages the 12 heating elements,Plate turns in both directions of movement,The oven is adjustable, in fact, you can set the temperature on the display (ceiling and bedplate temperatures),The oven is made of refractory cement that allows to keep the heat inside the oven. This fact means that the oven consumes a limited quantity of energy top maintain the heat,The oven can reach 500 ° C,The oven allows a natural cooking of the pizza because it is not ventilated,The oven is sold with metal or mosaic covering (that can be customized).

Specifications of the electric rotating pizza oven 112cm:

Rotating top 112 cm / Depth 150 cm / Width 150 cm / Height 210 cm / Flue pipe 10 cm / Weight 850 kg

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